The Story
I have never been settled with just one solution. Ever since I was young I have lived a lifestyle of curiosity bouncing from one idea to the next. The closer I got to college, it became clear that my passion in life is ideas. The process of creating, the thrill of epiphanies, and sleepless nights of thinking for fun. For quite some time, I have been focused on creating a business out of a passion I love. I knew if I could turn a love into a business, clients would benefit far more than a business strictly focusing on the bottom line. Brainstorming is the core of Thought Hatchery ─ giving the most creative solutions, tangible value, and personal excitement to drive businesses forward. Dive in with me and explore what your business can achieve!

Who says business can’t be fun?

Founder & CEO
From Grand Rapids Michigan, Chris Eggenberger graduated from Aquinas College with a BSBA, concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics. With years of experience in the field of brainstorming, he developed Thought Hatchery in efforts to create sustainable value for companies.